6th Graders

We had only 50 minutes.  I let the kids group themselves and then choreograph their own part of our fraction song.  I gave them only ten minutes to make props.  It was the coldest day of the year so far (and the windiest).  But, in only 50 minutes they designed, rehearsed, and even preformed their rendition of “The Fraction Song” for me AND the 2nd and 3rd grade students at our school.  I was as blown away as many of their signs on this windy day!  I’m working on the iMovie and will post it when finished!  Until then, here is the YouTube of my creative, adorable, sweet, and enthusiastic students.  I love 6th graders.

Here is the iMovie…

The Fraction Song

Adding fractions L-C-D,

Equivalent fractions each will be!

Denominators stay the same,

Numerators add some fame!


Simplify and Multiply,

Simplify and Multiply,

Times the bottom and the top,

It’s so fun that you can’t stop!


Dividing fractions is so fun,

Keep, Change, Flip the second one.

Simplify and Multiply,

Simplify and Multiply!


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