Hodgepodge of things

My internet is not working at home so I wasn’t able to post yesterday. My streak has been lost!


Today (just now, in fact!) I finished grading a stack of tests that my kids took on Monday. As a teacher, finish grading a stack of tests leaves you feeling drained, but good. DONE. NOT HANGING OVER MY HEAD. (Unless your kids all did universally bad, in which case I tend to feel upset and sad … a bit at them, mostly at me… but that didn’t happen today as I was grading.) 


The school newspaper came out. There was a nice long article about the math-science journal I’m helping create this year. Super cool!


A student who has been interested in the Gamma Function (who is in BC calculus but talked with me about it waaaay at the beginning of the year before he knew integration) has been meeting with me on-and-off to talk through it… and he just sent me a draft of his short article he wants to submit to the math-science journal on the Gamma Function.


You know when you create something soooo good that you can’t wait to use it again? I made something really killer for implicit differentiation last year, and I got to start using it with one class today. And although they were acting a little loosey-goosey, I heard great conversations and questioning. 


A teacher in the science department met with me today because she was interested in doing Standards Based Grading. She had mentioned something about reassessments to her class, and some of the kids in her class (who I also teach) recommended that she speak to me. I think that counts as a good thing… 


We had a department meeting today after school (3:30-5pm) and I got to express some of my frustration with our school’s strategic plan, and express the confusion and anxiety it is causing me. Others did the same. The head of the upper school was really receptive to what we were saying, and acknowledged a lot of what we were feeling, and responded positively in the moment. Of course who knows what will happen down the road, but it did feel good to be heard. 

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