Aaaaand we’re back–live from Oklahoma!

The first day back…yawn.  It’s been a long but good day.  The kids were excited to see each other again, and I think some were even a little excited to see me again, too.

In my third hour, one of my students came rushing up to my desk.  “I saw something in Florida that made me laugh so hard and made me think of you.  If I buy this for you, will you wear it?!”  She scrolled through her phone looking for the picture she had taken in Florida; all the while, I’m thinking, Oh dear lord, what is she about to pull up…?

It was one of those of “Get Real; Be Rational” shirts.  You know, something like this:

She was just so excited about it; she started showing others around her, who thought it equally hilarious.

What made my heart really happy was that students were crowding around to see the picture and they were very pleased with themselves because they understood the mathematics/pun.  This is a good thing.

Also…she thought about her math teacher while in Florida?  I’ll take it.

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