Math on the Internet

Over the weekend a student emailed me to share a cool article she’d found about fitting functions to photographs.  I love when students see interesting mathematics and want to share it with me.  I also love when I share things with students that sustains their interest. This same student asks me every class if the pitch has dropped yet.

We had a strange schedule due to testing and my students were hoping to just relax all class.  When I informed them they still had work to do (this group didn’t even have to take the test!) one student asked if we could listen to whale sounds to relax.  Yes.  Absolutely.

It was almost 5 pm and I was walking back from the photocopier when I had a wonderful realization: I was totally caught up!  I’d graded everything, the computer gradebook was up to date and I was prepped through Wednesday.  This glorious feeling lasted half way back to my room when I remembered I had more copying, but still, I was very nearly prepped and done grading.  Then I got back to my room and saw that students had snuck papers into my inbox, which is great because it means they’re getting caught up, but my illusion of being caught up was shattered.  Oh well, it felt good for that minute.


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