To Discuss at Prom

Today was the last day of third quarter and I had quite a few students procrastinate. To the point you wouldn’t have known my last period is a prep, there were that many kids in the room finishing up assignments. I’m not particularly helpful when you leave things to the last day, especially since I had a pile of tests to grade that I didn’t want to bring home. However, students were working independently and helping each other. Slowly, they finished, added more papers to the mountain of grading and headed home. Eventually, there were only two students left who had missed a quiz at the beginning of the week. They were looking through an old packet trying to recall log rules and one of them had an aha moment. He said, “It’s stupid how easy this class is if you think.” I think that’s just brilliant.

Eventually only one student remained and he was working on his project based on Dan Meyer’s tinted sunglasses video. It being Friday, an hour and a half after school ended, our brains were fried and we just could not figure out the equation (we were approaching it like compound interest and I couldn’t get away from that thought). Finally I told him to just finish the project using an equation that was clearly wrong. I promised to think about it over vacation and made him promise to discuss it at prom that evening. A whole group of kids from his class were going to prom together so this wasn’t an unreasonable request, plus he had already said he would continue puzzling over it when he got home. Of course, I figured out the equation while walking across the parking lot not even ten minutes later. I hope they have a good discussion about math tonight at prom since we couldn’t figure it out this afternoon.

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