Math Jokes

Today I introduced arithmetic and geometric sequences.  As I wrote “arithmetic” on the board I explained that it’s spelled just like “arithmetic” (duh, Tina, you’re typing the words, they can see the spelling, I mean the ‘reading, writing ‘rithmetic’ word here) but pronounced differently.  When we got to geometric I said that it’s spelled and pronounced like geometry.  At which point at student, R, asked “ge-OM-et-ric?”  I laughed and conceded they weren’t exactly the same.  Another student, C, looked at both of us and asked me why I laugh at R’s jokes, “they aren’t funny.”  I countered that they were, and when confronted with a stare explained that R and I get each other and I like his jokes.  A minute later I was walking around the room and C asks “Why isn’t there beer at math parties?” I smile and shake my head. “Because it’s illegal to drink and derive!”  I laugh and start to walk away when he asks another one “What happens to plants in the math department?” another stumper – “They grow square roots!”  we all laughed, math jokes are so corny.  In the space of a minute he had pulled out his phone and found two excellent (groan-worthy) jokes; an excellent example of a good use of technology. 

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