I Can Help

My last block class today was Fundamentals of Geometry. It’s a co-taught class but my co-teacher was off at a meeting so it was just me running around checking in with all the students. Or it would have been, if I hadn’t had help. First I had some helpful students. Once one girl finished the first few problems she walked around the room working with other students. When she got stuck on a later problem, I sent her to another student who explained. Then toward the end of class the principal (a former math teacher) was walking by. My classroom has two doors, so while he could easily have stayed out in the hall, he instead walked in one door and out the other. Along the way he stopped to comment on a few students’ work. I got to tell him (loud enough that all students heard) how awesome this class was that they got to the bonus question and a couple kids got to share their work or get help from the principal. Positive outcomes all around!

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