Working Together

This morning I had students working at stations to review for an upcoming test. When I walked past one table there was a single student who had all the problems spread out on her desk and was working on one. I asked the other students to pick a problem and get to work, but they informed me they were “working together.” I replied that it was okay to talk to each other, but the goal was to practice so they all needed to be thinking. The next time I passed that table there were two students with their heads together, working together (no quotes needed). I mentioned that they had missed the step of labeling the type of angle and jumped right to solving for the variable. One of them, a student who struggled in my class last year, smiled and said to her partner “we did step two and skipped right over step one!” They put their heads back together and commenced labeling. I even saw the girl who struggled last year pull out her homework sheet to compare the current problems to ones she had already solved. Way to go ladies!

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