Kids. Love ’em.

Yesterday we found out that our school had eight National Merit Finalists in the class of 2015!  I recognized most of the kids from class, math club, or academic team.  But there was one name that stood out above all the rest because she was a top-performer in my PreCalc class last year, and I am lucky enough to have her in Calc AB this year.  I saw her walking down the hallway before school started, and I motioned her into my room.  I scrabbled for the test she had taken yesterday (and aced) and said I need to congratulate her on two achievements!  She gave me a big hug and said she was so glad to be in my class again.


Boy:  I just got a text from my mom.

Girl: How do you know?

Boy: I have a special vibrate for her.

Me: That’s kind of awesome.

Girl: Yeah, no joke.

Boy: What’s cool about it is it’s a heartbeat.

I found this simultaneously hysterical and adorable.  It’s so…quintessential teenagery.


Girl (same one from earlier):  Doesn’t what we’re doing just look so…SMART?


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