A couple years ago I made this review game called TRIG BRAIN POWER in which students earn points (angle measurements) with their team. The team that passes through the largest angle at the end wins.

I recently inherited a bell from my sister who taught seventh graders last year. She would ding the bell to get the kids’ attention. I thought it was both brilliant and hysterical, so I stole it and have been waiting for a reason to use it.

Today was the day. Each time a team finished a problem, I had them run to the front to ding the bell. There wasn’t a huge reason for it, other than bells are fun to ding. Also, this small addition got the kids in an ultra competitive mood to see who could make it to the bell first. I had athletes soar over desks and and sprint to the front of the room to get their hands on the shiny little metal object. We had a blast. I had been feeling like I wasn’t quite connecting with my PreCalc classes, but I think we made huge strides today. I heard kids laugh those genuine laughs that only teenagers can produce. I saw them work with people they usually don’t work with. I saw groups having fun with trigonometry.

I feel like Franck in Father of the Bride, Part II: “We’re bonding here, George, aren’t we?”


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