Plus What?

A student asked what the difference was between a TI-84 and a TI-84+. I confessed to having no idea. Another student immediately jumped in “The TI-84+ has an additional operation. There’s no plus button on the TI-84.” Gotta love kids who can think on their feet.

My fundamentals of algebra 1 classes are filled with immature 9th graders. I haven’t taught 9th grade in a while and I forgot how easily they get each other riled up. Allergy season has struck with a vengeance and I started coughing during one class while my co-teacher was still at a meeting. Some kids started going back and forth with the name calling etc. and wouldn’t you know, one of the kids – who is usually quick to get annoyed and join in – stood up and told them all to be quiet and not to make me talk to them because can’t they see the teacher can’t talk right now? The maturity is there, itching to get out, it just needs a bit more nurturing.


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