Battery, Desmos, and Quadrilateral Classification

1) Today I got a new battery for my old school laptop. My quality of life has just shot up considerably, because my laptop will die less frequently in class from not having enough juice — and me wasting 3 minutes finding my charger, plugging it in, and letting the laptop reboot. Huzzah!

2) The AP Physics teacher stopped me to tell me that his kids showed him Desmos, and that they were really excited by it. All because they learned about it and used it in my class last year. Huzzah!

3) I have a folder system — where each group has a folder, and in that folder I put any handouts I need them to have, and also they put homework to turn in, and also to take back. This is my third year with it, and it works perfectly fine for what I need it to do. (Note to self: I should blog about this.) Anyway, another teacher today was setting up the exact same system because he thought it would work well for him. LOVE IT! Huzzah!

4) Although I’m having a hard time reading my geometry class, and I personally think I’m doing a B- job with them this year (thus far), I really enjoyed watching them think about how to categorize quadrilaterals. Some groups dove right in and some really took their time thinking through the various ways they could categorize quadrilaterals. It was fun to see how they did with this open ended activity! They are then each individually going to take their groups framework and make a poster from it, explaining similarities and differences among the quadrilaterals. At this point they have not defined what makes each of the quadrilaterals, but hopefully from this when they do write their own definitions for quadrilaterals they will have some insightful things to say based on their thinking from this activity! Huzzah!


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