A bet

I have a lot of great help in my sixth hour.  Not only do I have an awesome co-teacher, I also have a student aide that helps answer questions.

Honestly, though, the first day the student aide showed up, I had my hesitations.  She was so clearly out of her element.  The types of kids that are in my sixth hour are probably not the kinds of people this young girl usually hangs out with.  She looked so terrified that first day.  I was a little worried, too.  What were the other students going to think?  How would they treat her?  Is it super obvious now that this really is a low class?  I was trying so hard to fight that label…

It didn’t take long, though, before the aide started helping and answering questions just like my co-teacher or I would do.

Now she’s been in class with us for a few weeks, and–even though she’s the same age as my students in the class–they all have a great working relationship.

Today one of my students bet the aide that he could finish the problems faster than her.

“That was a mistake,” I informed him.

But inside, I was beaming.  They’ve accepted her.  And, while it might not seem like a big deal, it is.  These are two very different cultures and backgrounds coming together.  Either party could have opted out of this arrangement.  But they didn’t.  And now really good things are coming from it.


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