This morning was kind of blah. My first two hours (PreCalc) quizzed, which is always boring. Then the quizzes took forever to grade because they were terrible and because I lost my planning period due to drills and kids who think that my planning hour means I’m a free tutor.

Oh and then a kid came and told me she was pretty sure someone was cheating off her during the quiz.

Anyway, I was pretty cranky by the time lunch rolled around, and one of my calc students could see I wasn’t a happy camper.

“Is there anything I can do for you, Mrs. Peterson? Get you lunch? Make you coffee? Help grade papers?”

I was instantly overcome by her genuine kindness. She was so sincere, and I could see that my exhaustion with the day was affecting her. I told her I’d be fine and that I’d see her next hour.

The next hour rolled around, and it was clear my calc kiddos were as stressed and tired as I was.

I have a poster in my classroom that has the tag line of this blog on it: “Every day may not be good, but there’s at least one good thing in every day.” I told the kids to flip to the last page of their composition notebooks and write down one good thing that’s happened today. I said that I think we all needed to just regroup and focus on something positive for a few moments. They did so immediately (I love these kids). My girl from before piped up from the back: “Mrs. Peterson. I think you should do this, too.”

I did. On a post-it, I wrote:

One Good Thing:
Students who know when you’re having a bad day, and ask how they can help.

I got a chance to give that post-it to the young lady. She came after school to give me hug.

And I was I reminded again why I do what I do.


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