Happy Friday!

I gave a quiz in precalc yesterday, and I was pretty disappointed with the students’ performance. Today, a young man came to me after class, nearly in tears, and explained that he studied for hours and still made a D. I was quickly reminded that low grades don’t necessarily reveal lack of effort. I was genuinely touched by this kid’s vulnerability and am excited to see his growth journey this year.


Yesterday I asked one of my classes to write down one good thing in their notebooks. Today I heard a girl from that same class whisper to a friend, “S, did you write down your one good thing today?”


One of my students wanted to show my classroom to a friend. It was really sweet watching her show different aspects of the room that I had put a lot of work into but always secretly wondered if any of the kids noticed any of it.

“And this. This is Mrs. Peterson’s One Good Thing poster. Yesterday, we wrote one good thing too, and it was really great.”


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