Learning Curve

One of my students asked of she could sit in my room during my plan/her free hour. She said she didn’t have any math to work on, but she had other work to do and she just liked being in my room.


We decided this year as a PreCalc team to jump right in with trigonometry starting the second day of school.  This has meant that our kids have had to endure a very steep learning curve.  I think it was a good decision overall, but it's not been without its growing pains.

Not surprisingly, I assigned a good number of PreCalc'ers to lunch remediation this week, which ends on Thursdays (today).  One of the boys today said, "I was trying to decide whether or not to come this week,[1] but I'm glad I did.  I really needed it, and it's been helpful."

As much as I love when my kids learn interesting mathematics, I love it even more when they learn good life lessons like My teachers care about me; and coming to their tutoring sessions can make me a lot less frustrated.

Simple.  But it’s a good thing.

Also, the kid reminded me of one of my favorite cat videos, Dear Kitten (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G4Sn91t1V4g), which made me supremely happy.

[1] It was not optional.


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