Three student meetings…

I like meeting with kids one-on-one to help them figure stuff out. Today I had three of those meetings, and I enjoyed talking with kids through some of the precalculus ideas we have been working on.

I also started off Multivariable Calculus showing off two formal writeups that were very different, but both very clever solutions to the same problem. Last night I scanned in their work, and projected it on the board. I enjoyed sharing their interesting work with the class.

I also had some quick but interesting conversations with the other Advanced Geometry teacher about what we’re doing.

And finally, I had some fun thinking through this problem which my kids are thinking through as we speak for their nightly work:

You are at point A and you’re moving to point B. You may only move North or East. Pick any point on the grid… what is the probability that a path runs through that point when going from A to B?



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