We had round two of our virtual math competition. We lost the first math last Friday. I was afraid we’d have lower attendance, because students have to arrive at school about 40 minutes earlier than they normally would, and the problems on this competition tend to be really hard (most kids get only 1 or 2 questions right out of 7 or 8 questions). But you know what? We had the same huge turnout. And…




At the end of the day, I was manning the “sign out sheets” (kids can sign out to leave the building if they have a free period) and who did I see but a former student from last year. He was one of my secret favorites. One who was so genuine and sweet that when he would say “aw shucks, golly gee Mr. Shah, I forgot we had home enjoyment” you couldn’t help but want to say “awww, that’s okay kid.” (I never did that, mind you, but I wanted to do that.) I loved getting to sit down with him for just a few minutes to hear how his calculus class was going, and to hear that he’s enjoying life in college both academically and socially. I saw his mother at Parent Night a few weeks ago (she was there for her daughter) and she was saying how this kid fondly remembers me. It was a nice thing.


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