Former Students…

Yet again, former students came to visit me. This time, two of them came together and invaded my precalculus class. We didn’t get to really catch up for long (I talked to them as my kids were working on their warm up problem), but I did get to briefly hear what classes they were taking.


The Head of the Upper School wrote me an email asking me to do something. It was nice, probably because he wanted me to do something. But I’ll take the compliment and pretend like it isn’t associated with him wanting me to do something.

Over the last few years we have had a session to speak to our current 8th graders about our Upper School.  This year we will have a combined faculty and student panel.  I am writing to invite you to join this panel.  I think your perspective as a deeply respected math teacher would add a lot to the evening.


A student last week met with me to talk about her formal writeup in geometry. I talked her through the small criticisms I had with her work, and she redid her work. And she did a fantastic job with it!


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