Today’s good thing is that this was the least hectic day I’ve had at school in a while. I actually got caught up on grading during my plan (and then got un-caught up real fast…alas…), and I got to talk to a student for quite a while as she was working on physics and I was grading. It was delightful. I love the company of this particular student. For one, she can be in my room and accomplish a lot without actually needing a thing from me. For two, we crack each other up and completely get each other’s sense of humor.

Sometimes, as a teacher, you have those days where you’re like, “GOOD GOD, WHERE ARE ALL THE ADULTS IN THE WORLD?” because you feel the teenagers swarming in on you every moment. They. Are. EVERYWHERE.

And then you have days like this when you realize: teenagers can be so funny and witty and kind and sincere. So loving and nurturing and understanding. They can make your life all-around brighter.

Today was one of those days. I’m grateful for the kids who bring sunshine with them every time they enter the door of our classroom.


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