Practice Tests

So I met with two precalculus students today, separately. Both met with me previously because they didn’t quite know how to study mathematics, and had never really learned to figure out how to determine what they knew and what they didn’t know.

When I met with both of them today — as a check in before their test tomorrow — both had done what I had asked them to do at our last meeting. They both created a practice test (I told them how). They both did them under testing conditions. And then they both suddenly had a great insight into what they truly knew and what they merely thought they knew. One pointed out how good it was that she had done this last night (a couple of days before the test), so she had time to fill in the gaps!

I hope they find the test tomorrow an easier experience because of this approach.

But really, what I loved was that they both listened when we met previously, took what I said to heart, and are trying something new. They both have a “growth mindset”!


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