Related Rates Related To You

Yesterday I wrote about the boringness and contriteness of related rates problems, but how we managed to get through them with mostly no tears.

Today I gave the kids some related rates problems similar to what’s on the AP Exam, but I made the kids the stars of the problems.  For example, yes, here’s the same old ladder-sliding-down-a-vertical-wall problem, but now the ladder is sliding down because one of my students is trying to put up Christmas lights and her twin sister is pulling the ladder out from under her.  I called the worksheet “Related Rates Related to You.”

The kids only had to work one problem (I put them into groups) and then they made a poster to present that problem and its solution.  As they finished, they did a gallery walk so that they could get the answers for the other problems.  Some of them really got into their posters.  They were cracking me up as they expanded upon their given scenarios.

These were some of my favorites:

Related Rates1

Related Rates2

Related Rates3


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