Overheard outside of the Math Office…

This morning I was sitting at my desk doing some work. The door to the math office was open and I heard some kids excitedly talking about something they had done on Geogebra. These weren’t kids in my class, but they were in an Advanced Geometry class. And in this class (I teach one of the four sections), I developed this “Art and Geometry” project where kids really learn Geogebra and it’s capabilities, and exploit them while creating some artworks.

Task 06 from this yearlong project was due today. And it was clear that these kids were talking about the artwork they had created for this task. Hearing them excited about their creations made me so happy.

Here is the creation of one of my students for this task. It has a slightly watercolor feel, and the color composition in this one is is fantastic.




2 thoughts on “Overheard outside of the Math Office…

  1. Thanks! It’s not perfect yet… Some kids seem to be phoning it in while others are doing really elaborate and wonderful pieces. But what I can confidently say is that at the end of the first quarter, my kids know how to do *so* much on Geogebra. In fact, the first 6 minutes of every test we’ve given involves a task where students are asked to do some things on Geogebra and then submit their Geogebra file to me.

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