We’ll help you.

One of the things I’ve been doing a lot for our Warm Ups in PreCalc is having a student start a problem, hand off the marker to another student to continue the problem, and so on and so on until we finish the whole problem (works really nicely with verifying identities or problems that are broken into parts a, b, c, etc.).

As one girl finished her part, she handed the marker off to a friend to finish the problem. Her friend moaned, “No…I don’t know how to do that part…”

I thought Girl A would find someone else to give the marker to.  Instead, she said {in the kindest, cheeriest voice, I might add}: “That’s ok!  We’ll help you.”  The whole class laughed and agreed.  It was precious.


I got to hand back my calc students’ amazing tests today.  The last time I handed back tests in these classes, it was not pretty.  In fact, I waited til the very last minute possible that day to return them.  But today, I was excited for them to see their scores.  When I announced the averages, everyone cheered.  It was like they were saying, “Yeah!  Way to go, team!”  These kids have a real desire to see each other succeed that I don’t see as much in us adults.  And I really love being around that.


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