I got to work this morning, and–like all mornings–the kids started shuffling in before 8 AM. As usual, I had kids in my room during my plan, but I did leave them during lunch. Then the afternoon classes. Then some solitude for about an hour and half.

At 5:15, my husband picked me up from school and we headed to the other side of town to help out with an inner-city after school program that one of my high school teachers started. Brett and I volunteer a couple times a month there. Because apparently I can’t get enough of teenagers.

On our way home, my 15-year-old sister called. She was on her way to our house. Math test tomorrow, you know.

It’s now 10 PM and I’m toast. So. Many. Children.

And may I add–I am very much an introvert.

But, while I do love my down time, sometimes I’m taken aback by how many lives I come into contact with each day. So many vulnerable, impressionable kid-adults. And it hits me how much influence I could have (for good or…not good).

I guess my one good thing is that I get to do something that is so meaningful.

[Beware, it’s about to get a little serious.]

When I was nineteen years old, I was told I probably wouldn’t be able to have kids. If you know me, you can imagine that would have been pretty devastating news because I love children. Of all ages.

I’ve recently found a doctor who is wonderful and is much more optimistic about my ability to conceive and carry a kid.

Still, days like this make me realize that God must be taking care of my maternal needs in a different way right now. I fully expect to have kids of my own someday, but these guys–from my students to the youth on the other side of town to my own sister–are really wonderful stand-ins until then.

I feel very rich to have all these kids in my life.


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