It’s Friday!

As I was passing out tests today, one of my PreCalc kids said, “I had a dream about you, Mrs. Peterson.  You had super powers.”

“I’m scared to ask what my super powers were…?”

“It was Harry Potter world.  You were still our teacher.  You were teaching me and a bunch of my friends.  But you could fly.”

I was pleased for two reasons:

1)  I’m their teacher even in their dreams.

2)  Harry Potter.


A friend of a friend is an admissions counselor for the School of Engineering at a college about an hour from here.  He likes to come talk to my calc kids about the university and about engineering.  This year, he brought a current engineering student with him also for Q&A.  When he asked the engineering student what advice he would give to my students, he said, “Well, first of all, you’re doing the right thing by taking this class.”

Score.  I didn’t even tell him to say that.


Fast forward to my next hour, which is also calculus.  One of my darlings (a cheerleader) skips in, raises her hands in the air, and yells, “Wooo!”  I yelled back, “CALCULUS!”  And then she realized there were two strangers in the room and got bright red and nearly fell to the floor laughing.

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