A nice comment

I got a nice comment on my blog, just as I was trying to think of something good that happened today!

I subscribe to your blog an wanted to send a personal thank you for your work and presence on the web. Your insights, hard work, and technical knowledge have made my school year go so much more smoothly. I am a returning teacher to the profession after a seven year absence to raise my family. Much has changed in those seven years including the evolution of the applet and online graphing calculators. I am a believer in discovery learning and I am continually plagued with the balance of covering the required material in the required time and letting students learn through the process of discovery. My new school supports the discovery process which is exciting, but leaves a second-time first year teacher challenged to maintain an appropriate work/life balance. All this to say that the work you have shared with the world has made an overwhelming transition much easier. Please keep up the excellent work and know that it does not go unnoticed.

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