On the right track

One of my precalc kids asked if I would teach Calc BC next year. I told her probably not but that the BC teacher was awesome. And, also, AB (which I do teach) is a wonderful course, too.

She then said she loves our precalc class because I really encourage everyone and motivate them to do well. She said the class made her like math again.

This really touched me because I’ve been feeling a lack of…connection, I guess…with my precalc classes. I don’t feel they get the Mrs. Peterson that my calc kids get.

But, I remember feeling this way last year too. I have to remember that I’ve taught many of my calc kids for a whole extra year and it takes time to form those connections that I know are so important. I remember feeling disconnected from the very students who now spend hours of their free time in my classroom. And who are–now–anything but distant.

Still, this girl’s words made me think that I’m at least on the right track. I’ll get to this place with my juniors too. It just takes time.


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