I’ve been disappointed in my PreCalc students unwillingness to stay after school. A couple years ago I used to have the most fun hanging out with all of my PreCalc kids while they did work and socialized. Several students would come just to do their homework. We made popcorn and laughed and played music. I miss them. But anyway, this year…

Today was the last day to hand in work before progress reports go out and I apparently lectured them enough about taking responsibility because five students stayed after. They worked together! They asked questions! They made jokes! (“You need 8 points on your graph.” Student: “Isn’t this good enough? I get the point… Get it? Point!?”) A couple of them stayed well over an hour (alright, fine, they were avoiding drama club, but they were doing math!). Maybe some of them saw the benefit and will return before the last day of the quarter? Fingers crossed.


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