So Many Things…

We had a math contest today and a ton of students showed up.

I got to play a fun game in my precalculus classes: Unit Circle Trigonometry War



I got to see some of my students in another class. The Advanced Topics in Chemistry course has students improve upon the creation of aspirin, and I’m on the “board of directors” for a company and we’re trying to decide which group’s process we want to purchase. Today was the second day of watching their sales pitches. I love watching them present, and asking them questions about what I’m curious about after they present.

I graded the geometry tests that my kids took today. And although I know it was on the easier side, I was very very pleased with the results. My favorite question involved kids deriving the equation of a circle from first principles. Almost all got it.

I got to work with the other geometry teacher to get our next unit ready. Part of it involves showing kids that all triangles don’t have interior angles that sum to 180 degrees. Math geek out!


A former student came back to visit from college, and I got to talk with him twice. Huzzah!

Two seniors stopped by the math office… one’s a student I taught last year… and they wanted to see if I would give them candy. (Of course I did.) I always keep candy in the math office to entice students to visit.

I had a few meetings with kids today where they asked me about their “Explore Math” projects. Some showed me what they’ve done. I absolutely cannot wait. They totally seem into it.

A student stopped by sans appointment to talk with me about some strange math thing I had previously talked with him about. We then talked some more and I got him interested in generating functions, and then sent him to talk with the student I’m doing an independent study with on generating functions.

The editors of the math-science journal Intersections held their second day of interviews to pick who they are going to have on staff to help out (and take over next year). They shared with me their process and their decisions, and I was impressed with both.

I was working after school, planning on staying really late. And then I got a call from a teacher friend who I haven’t seen a lot lately, even though she’s one of my besties. She was randomly around, and so I packed up and went to grab dinner with her. Glorious. On the way back home, from dinner, I saw this in the subway. That completes the good day.



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