Sometimes I get distracted by a million things and lose some of my routines and structure. Or I think kids are ready for some freedom and neglect to teach them how to monitor themselves. Then I get frustrated that kids aren’t making the right choices. Today I decided to reset and imposed some stricter limits. I stood at the door, greeted students and told them they could enter the classroom once their phones and headphones were zipped into their backpacks. I checked each kid and then thanked them and welcomed them to class. I expected a fight or for kids to turn around and leave if I wouldn’t let them in the door. I expected them to try to take out their phones or headphones when we switched to independent work (when I used to allow quiet music before they began abusing the privilege). But they didn’t. I forgot that kids want limits. They need to be told. Thanks, kids, for checking in when I asked. I will be better at my job now that I remember you want limits.


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