My calc kids had their last unit test yesterday. Many were anxiously awaiting the results to see if (1) they would keep their A (or B, etc) and (2) they’d still be eligible to waive their final.

One of my kids dropped from a low A to a high B after the test. I said she MIGHT be able to pull back to an A if her End of Semester Folder (due Monday) is absolutely perfect. She had it ready already so I offered to grade it and input the grade.

As soon as I typed in a 100 for this grade, her overall grade went to an 89.50. I stated laughing. “B, you’re in. Come look at this grade!”

She couldn’t believe it. “I think I’m going to cry!” And then I looked at her…and she really was tearing up! She thanked me profusely (as if I had something to do with the A).

How lucky am I to get to teach such motivated and respectful kids…?

I feel so honored to be their teacher.


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