Parent-Teacher Conference

Right now I’m in a 10 minute break from my back-to-back-to-back parent teacher conferences. I’m normally intensely nervous about this day. Partly it is that when I was a newer teacher, I had a number of more rough conferences where parents were not very nice to me. Looking back at those, I’m shocked that adults could ever behave that way to other adults in a professional setting. At the time, I didn’t know better and thought that was normal.

But ever since, I always approach parent teacher  conference day scared. Almost always, I have really great parents who are supportive of what I’m doing in my classroom, appreciate the ways I’ve gotten to know their kids, and are really receptive to my thoughts. And today has been no exception (thus far). So even though I doubt I’ll ever look forward to the day, because of my initial scars, I actually enjoy the day when I’m in the middle of it.


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