A real Polar Battleship

A couple weeks ago, when we were playing Polar Battleship in PreCalc, one of my students asked if he would get extra credit points if he made a real playing board.  I love to encourage creativity in mathematics so I said yes.

Today, he came in with these:

polar battleship

I almost cried. He said, “This is how much I love you, Mrs. Peterson.”  I said, “No, this is how much you want an A…”  But I’ll pretend he did it out of sheer love.  Still, how incredible is this game?  Each square piece is probably 8×8 inches.  It’s kind of massive, making it just that much more awesome.  I was totally blown away.  Look at that detail!  I have got to remember to write to his momma.


My PreCalc kids are working on a semester review.  They have 11 objectives (22 problems) due each day between now and Thursday.  I ran out of questions for today’s last problem, so it just said, “WE LOVE MATH!”  As I was checking a girl’s paper, she had put:

#11: We love Mrs. Peterson! 🙂


My calc kids played the multiple derivatives game in class today with their partner.  My fourth hour in particular really enjoyed it.  They were racing each other to see who could find the “chains” of four first.  I kept hearing things like, “I’m really good at this…it’s like a puzzle.”  Or, “Ok, see if you can find a chain now while I write this one down.”  I think these kids are exceptionally good at working together and teaching each other.  It’s so fun to listen to them as they learn and teach together.


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