Two more days

Finals start tomorrow! Where has the semester gone?

One of my calc kids asked today, “Sooooo, in terms of the calculator-active-ness of the final…?”

I said, “There is none.”

Cue horrific gasps (as if I hadn’t said this before).

Then one kid piped up: “Everyone remember: ln(1) is 0!”

So cute.


We watched a Christmas cat video in my other calc class to start off the hour. Then I heard chanting: “Story, story, story!” Meaning, they wanted me to read them another chapter from the book I read to them yesterday. Who can say no to that?


I got a sweet Christmas gift from a student today. Gifts are great and all, but my love language is words of affirmation, so what really makes my day is getting a hand-written, thoughtful card with the gift, like I did today. This girl’s words really touched my heart. She reminded me how important this job is.

So, to all educators, keep at it. You are cherished by your kids, whether they tell you or not. Thank you for devoting yourself to the lives of others. You are my inspiration.


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