A student brought me cookies and a thoughtful card for writing his college recommendation. So lovely.


I had a relaxed and enjoyable day with my multivariable calculus class. At one point, I was playing music and kids asked me to put on a particular song I hadn’t heard of. It turned out to be a rap that a student in the class made in 10th grade for an English project. I did, and it was fantastic.


I’m a little sad because some of my former students stopped by today, but I teach three classes in a row and didn’t get to see any of them for more than 2 minutes. Le sigh! I wanted to catch up with them individually and hear how things are really going. I tried to convince them to come to school tomorrow (it’s a half-day and we just sit around with kids chillaxing, and then there is something like a talent show) — but I don’t think I was successful. I’m going to hold out hope.


I’m writing this later, but they came back after school to catch me up on things! We sat in the math office in a circle and they talked to me!


One of my math teacher friends/colleagues had her birthday today. We secretly brought a cake and after school we all sang to her! I am never good at organizing that sort of stuff, but I love that we do that sort of stuff. Me, basically showing up, eating cake.


I met with my student doing her independent study. We had fun thinking about the AM-GM inequality. I brought up the ideas that Polya brings up in his book (The Art of Problem Solving) about what you should do when you solve a problem. We did. We asked questions. We generalized it. We saw how far we could extend it. It was good times.


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