They have my heart…

I sent this email to my husband this morning…

My sixth hour asked if they could have a Christmas party today.  I said yes [after the final] if they bring snacks (thinking they’d all forget).  Three kids have already come by to drop food off.  And Ali  [my co-teacher] brought Doritos and I have those candy canes.

I think this is so precious and it’s making me a little emotional.  The kids that have so little are so generous…and they really teach me things that I could never teach them…

As the great Bill Nye said: “Everyone you ever meet knows something you don’t.”

As the day progressed, even more students brought food.  And, they all finished their final with about a half hour to spare, so we all got to enjoy some delicious, incredibly unhealthy treats.

Even just a year ago, I would have told you I’m not very good with the “low” kids.  The “high” kids–the ones that are constantly stressed out and have helicopter parents and email you at ten o’clock at night expecting a response–those kids I’m good with.  Because I was am just like that.

But this Intermediate Algebra class I’ve had this year–while they’re by no means easy every day–they have been a true delight to teach.  I have seen them grow as mathematicians and as human beings.  They are becoming–gradually–more polite.  They are forgiving each other faster.  They have learned their perfect squares all the way up to fifteen squared!  I wouldn’t trade this group of ragamuffins for the best calc kids in the world.  They’ve captured my heart.


I was showered all day with gifts from students and parents.  I so cherish the notes and emails they write me.  I can’t possibly convey how privileged I feel to get to be a small part of each of their lives.  And when I hear that my class has brought them some kind of joy and/or new love of numbers, it warms my heart in a way that I cannot express in words.

Here’s a part of a letter that seems appropriate to end this post with:

I will always remember the quote you often tell us, “Every day might not be good, but there is something good in every day.”


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