I Like Talking About This

Today’s Algebra prompt was about a class doing a fundraiser. I was expecting minimal engagement (break is coming up and it’s Friday) but they were excited to share. So excited that they were talking over each other, about math! Once everyone slowed down and only one person spoke at a time I figured out that they had a project in 8th grade where each class got to start a business. They sold things but also had to consider factors like startup costs and then voted as a class where to donate the profit (one group chose an animal shelter). This prior experience made their noticing and wondering much richer.

A student who has been checked out lately checked in today – he came over to the table where I was sitting and asked for help. He stayed with me the whole class and waited patiently when I turned to talk to another student. It was such a turnaround! My patience had been wearing thin this week but maybe I’ve finally convinced him the best way to survive in this class is to work with me.


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