A joyful heart…

I was really dragging this morning. Usually I’m pretty excited (and nervous) to get back to school, but I honestly wasn’t feeling it this morning.

I got back from lunch and greeted my calc class. I confessed I still didn’t feel totally with it…even though it was past noon.

One of my students said, “Well, maybe we need to watch a cat video then.”

I only had to think about that for about 0.3 seconds.

“Yes. I think that’s a very good idea…”

And so we watched a short video. And laughed. And, honestly, my day felt much brighter after that.

One thing I need to be reminded of–and I think these kids do, too–is that sixty seconds of laughter can make for a much more productive hour of learning. I hope that’s an idea these kids carry with them long after they’ve left my class…


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