Hand Me Downs

A school related, but not classroom related, story from last night.

Last night was one of the highlights of the year at our school. We have a large international community with about twenty countries represented. Last night was International Dinner where students cooked food from their culture and serve to the community. Kids work hard all day in faculty kitchens – we hosted half of Team China – and our gym is PACKED this night. So, that’s always a highlight, but what prompted me to write this morning was another event. Our little girl (5+ years old) has been the recipient of many hand me down clothes from friends on campus and last night she was wearing a new dress she just received. One of our neighbors has a 20 year old daughter, a 13 year old son, and an 11 year old daughter. She came by to look at the dress and told me that it originally belonged to her daughter who is now a junior in college. She was SO delighted to see it again and we tried to figure out the path it had taken before arriving in the possession of our little girl Mo. It’s so fun to think that she is part of a chain that has now lasted at least 15 years. I hope we take good enough care of it to lengthen the chain a bit more.

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