Math Club

I put this famous problem on the corner of one of my whiteboards yesterday:


Today, some of my calc boys came up to me, totally frustrated that they couldn’t figure out what the issue was (insert evil laugh). They talked through it and eventually found out where the statements stopped being true for all values of a and b…but couldn’t get any farther. Then they gave up on it. Then they decided they actually didn’t want to give up on it. And then they figured it out. Le sigh…so proud.


Math Club is attempting to put on our school’s first ever (I’m pretty sure, at least) Pi Day Festival! One of the committees met in my room today to iron out some more details. One of the seniors busted into my room after school, “There’s my favorite math teacher I never had!” Another officer joined him: “Same.”

It dawned on me that I’ve gotten to know so many great students through math club that I never would have gotten to know otherwise. I’m incredibly fond of this group. They’re intelligent, witty, and just completely nerdy. I love being with them. I feel they get. I’m so very thankful for them. Our school is truly lucky to have these kids…their passion is totally contagious. I know they’re going to change the world.


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