Darling kids…

A girl that’s been struggling quite a bit in calc was in my room during our intervention period.  She was their of her free will; I hadn’t assigned her this week. She opened up to me and thanked me for being her teacher.  She said she’s never learned as much math as she had this year.  It spoke volumes to me, because I had been thinking that I was failing this kid (not in the sense of her grades, but on a larger scale).  I was so encouraged by her kind words.


We were doing “Derivative Drills” today in class.  I gave the kids an AP multiple-choice problem to work with their partner and they texted their response to me via PollEverywhere.  Once the timer buzzed, I would unfreeze the screen and show them their results.  On a couple of the questions, the entire class got them right.  I snarkily replied, “Ok, smarty pants…”  One of the girls (just as snarky as me) said, “You act like you’re disappointed at this.  You’re the one who taught us!”


One of my girls is interning at one of our elementary schools.  Her first day was yesterday so yesterday I was asking her about it and about how she felt about pursuing an education career.  I mentioned that I thought she’d be really great at high school teaching, too, especially at math (and I wasn’t just saying this…she’d be truly amazing).

Today I asked for an update.  She started grinning from ear to ear.  The fourth graders had clearly captured her heart in the one hour she had spent with them.

We chatted briefly about kids.  “But,” she said, “I’ve been thinking about what you said…and I really think I would love to do what you do.”

I tried to contain my emotions at this point…

I told her I thought she would love it…that there’s something very special about high school students…this inbetweeness of child and adult.  She agreed and asked if she could chat with me more about it as her internship progressed…


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