A Student Who Plans Ahead

Dance Concert happens at my school right at the end of the second quarter. Many kids are involved, and so when it is crunch time in all their classes (tests, papers, projects, what have you), students are scrambling to find the time to juggle it all.

Last week, one of my students who was involved in dance concert emailed me about the test we had scheduled for this Thursday. She wanted to meet, get a little bit ahead of the material, so that she could take the test the day before (because she would be too exhausted/frazzled to study and get things ready for Thursday). And today, she took it. I haven’t looked at it yet. But for me, what I love love love love love is that she was conscientious… She looked at her schedule, came up with a plan, and asked for help executing the plan.

I can’t really ask for anything more. How simply wonderful.


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