A good talk

I didn’t get a thing done during my planning period today, but I am totally ok with that.  One of my calc kids comes in during third hour every day (my plan period) because she has a free hour at that time.  Usually, she and I work independently.  We talk a bit, but mostly we just enjoy having someone else in the room while we get work done.  Today, though, we talked the entire hour about all kinds of things.  She asked how my husband proposed; she told me about friends whom she’s loved and lost; we looked at cat pictures.

I love moments like this where I feel like I get to know a new side of my one of my kids.  One of the most amazing things she said during our hour talk was, “I feel like you’ve taught me even more about life than you have math…and you’ve taught me a lot of math.”[1]

That touched my heart so, and I told her that.

Thank God for kids who are so generous with their love and their time.  I am better because of them.

[1]  I’ve had her for two years, so I do I hope I’ve taught her a lot of math…


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