Rodriguez v. U.S.

One of my friends teaches a Constitutional Law class at my school. At the end of the course, students research one of two (interesting) cases that are currently before the high court. Then students read precedent cases, deliberate, and write up their opinion for the court.

The students then have a presentation. I come, some other teachers come, the head of the upper school comes, the head of school comes… and they explain their reasoning, debate with each other (especially if they come to differing conclusions), and field questions from the audience.

Today was one of those presentations (for Rodriguez v. U.S.). Every year they do a fantastic job of explaining the case, parsing the nuances, and fielding questions. And this year the tradition continued. Color me impressed. And with my obsession with the supreme court, you can imagine why I would be so excited by this project and being able to ask questions to (student) justices!


After school today there was a mid-year retirement party for someone who had been at the school for 15 years. The food spread was good, which is always important:


But more importantly, the speeches and stories that were shared were beautiful, and a fitting send-off to someone who has devoted himself to the school heart and soul.


After the farewell party, I spent about 45 minutes in the copy room making a zillion copies. Outside of the copy room were some really awesome kids who I teach, and so every so often when I was biding my time before the copier finished a job, I would go out into the hallway and chat with them. I feel like this year I haven’t had the opportunities for this sort of relaxed chit-chat with kids, and this was just what I needed to end the day.

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