So much math

A couple girls came to work on some calculus during my plan, then stayed through remediation, then stayed through lunch. They were just rocking it. They helped each other through some very difficult problems. It was so cool to watch. A few times, I would see them start a particularly difficult problem and make a mental note to go back and check that question with them…especially for their explanations/justifications. But, when I looked over their work, it was flawless. I mean, you could have made a key off this work, it was that good.

Sometimes it stresses me out having kids in my room all the time because they leave stuff til the last minute and then their stress rubs off on me. But having these girls in my room is always a delight. They don’t get frustrated with themselves; instead they just laugh when they make an error. When they left at lunch they exclaimed, “Look at how much math we got done in two hours!” And high-fived each other.

Yes, girls, you got a lot of math done in two hours. But–I’ve seen the growth you’ve made over the last two years and it does my heart so good. What rockstars.


One of my students went to take her drivers test today. I told her to let me when she passed. She was vey nervous.

About an hour later, I got a message saying she passed! I told her congrats! She responded with:

Thank you so much Mrs Peterson!! It means a lot coming from you, ya know because I think you’re pretty cool and stuff

Oy. My heart.


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