Today in geometry we played Dance, Dance, Transversal. I was worried that the kids would be to jaded to play and enjoy it, but they did it!


Also in precalc a student came in saying she liked the homework, because they felt like puzzles to her. (We were doing law of sines problems.)

Also in precalc I gave students little bit of time to find the angles of a triangle with sides 4, 6, and 7. They didn’t have the law of cosines. I meant them to try for a bit and then get stuck. Hence the need for the law of cosines. But a few different groups had the key insight to solving this and actually did it. Which reminded me that I shouldn’t underestimate my kids. I also was proud that when they had their key insights, that I let them persevere to the end, even though it wasn’t my plan for the class.


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