Publicly calling out good work

Last night, I emailed a student in my geometry class to commend her on something she turned in… a proof we’d gone over but one that many students still struggled with… and asked if I could showcase it to the rest of the class. She said yes.

When I threw it on the board today, I saw her one of her nearby friends sort of nudge her and whisper something to her. It was clear that she had told her friend about my email! I wasn’t observant enough to notice if she was outwardly beaming, but from what I know about her, I bet she was really proud because I know she put in a lot of effort to write it!

I commended her on it publicly, and then posted a scan of it online to help out the others who might have been confused.

It felt good to publicly praise a student.

Here’s part of her good work that I shared:



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