My kind of teacher

Yesterday I talked to all my juniors in precalc about enrollment for next year (how is it that time of year already…?). One of my sharpest kids said he wanted to take College Algebra.

“That’s silly.” I told him. I said he was more than capable of taking either Calc AB or BC, and that someone with his talent for math needs to keep his options open.

Today, he came back with his form. Under “Mathematics,” he had circled AP Calculus BC.

I had to laugh. “What made you swing to the other end of the spectrum?”

“You applied calculus to what I’m interested in. That and you flattered me.”

I was so pleased that it was that easy to get through to him.


Leadership is selling carnations as a fundraiser. The kids have a blast sending each other carnations with odd little messages tied to them with ribbon. While I don’t love the interruptions the carnations cause, it is rather amusing to get to hand them to kids as the flowers come in every hour.

Today, though, a carnation was delivered with my name on it.

The note read:

Thanks for being my kind of teacher.

I loved that. I hope I can be every kid’s “kind of teacher.”


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