Log Wars, Remix

Today was possibly the most fun day I’ve had in Precalc. Ever.

The lesson today was an intro to logs. But since the kids have all seen logs before, it was more of a review of logs. To aid in the review, I pulled out my Log Wars Cards (thank you, Kate). But we played it a bit differently today.

I paired the kids up, gave them a deck of cards, and had them take turns turning a card over. The first person to say the answer correctly, got to keep the card. They played til all the cards were played or until I called time for that round. After a round finished, I made a list of all the winners and losers. Winners played a winner and losers played a loser (no, I did not sugar-coat). And then the next round, more people would fall into the losers bracket. And we played until we only had two (or three) winners left, at which point we had the CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND. I played “Eye of the Tiger,” the whole class circled around the remaining contestants, and one kid would act as game master–ensuring each card was drawn fairly.

It was a riot. The kids got so into it, you’d think they were cheering for their favorite football team…not their favorite math nerd.

It was the best.


4 thoughts on “Log Wars, Remix

  1. Used the cards Friday and I have to make a new set – two girls were so good at this, they memorized the answers. Then they were so rapid fire with the answers that no one could beat them! (Double elimination) so I sent them to be coaches. They had to 1) prove how their answer and 2) show the other person how they knew it was right. So much fun and noise. I haven’t had EVERY child so involved and excited in ages! This version worked really well. We are going to finish the double elim on Monday. Then it is on to graphing them!

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